The standard of quality since 1919. D-A Lubricant Company is leading the transformation and creation of the future of lubricant performance and protection.

The D-A Legacy

It takes a combined effort to produce and deliver products that make heavy-duty equipment last longer. At The D-A Lubricant Company, the success of our team-approach shows, not only in our products and services, but in the feedback we receive from our customers. Our qualified professionals are committed to providing lubricant solutions specifically tailored to your needs – that’s the power behind the performance of our products.

Family-owned and operated, located in a state-of-the-art facility in Lebanon, Indiana, D-A stays true to its roots. D-A has historically taken great pride in producing industry-leading engine oils, transmission lubricants, greases, gear lubricants, hydraulic oils, antifreezes, specialty products and industrial grade lubricants. Today, D-A Lubricant Company includes the brands of D-A, PennGrade® and PennGrade 1® Motor Oils.

Made in the U.S.A, D-A Lubricant Company’s and PennGrade Motor Oil’s products are formulated under high-grade management systems designed to meet the needs of the consumer. Our highly-skilled and professional service team is always committed to providing lubricant solutions specifically tailored to your needs. That’s the power behind D-A Lubricant Company’s and PennGrade Motor Oil’s performance, precision and perfection.

Our History

It’s a history we’re proud of. For more than 100 years, D-A has offered a complete line of performance-engineered products and services to keep equipment at maximum operating efficiency. We’re committed to ensuring that each customer receives the product that’s right for the application – a problem-solving component that’s been part of our heritage since 1919.

Our History

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