Recommissioning Your Equipment After COVID Shutdowns

As the work world begins to reopen after extended shutdowns due to the spread of COVID-19, what do you need to know about putting your heavy equipment back into service after months of idle time? What are the main concerns regarding sitting idle? Listen to some important information and tips from Ken and Nick, D-A […]

Bumper to Bumper Protection!

D-A Lubricant Company is open and operating at full-service capacity! With the most dependable products available, D-A Lubricant is here to help keep your equipment in peak condition. Whether you are in need of oils, lubricants or coolants, our products always provide exceptional performance and balance vital for today’s equipment. Check out the many high-quality […]

D-A Lubricant will remain operating at 100%

The State of Indiana Governor, Eric Holcomb, issued a Stay-at-Home order Tuesday March 24, at 11:59 p.m. ET in Response to the growing COVID-19 pandemic. As a part of this order, essential businesses, and companies that support essential businesses, are permitted to remain open. D-A Lubricant is deemed an essential business and will remain operating […]

Well-Oiled Machine: D-A Lubricant Celebrates 100 Years

Company delivering the highest-quality lubricants since 1919 D-A Lubricant Company is celebrating 100 years of dedication to offering the most complete and superior quality lubricants in the market today. Operated in the U.S. for 100 years, D-A Lubricant is the first company ever to specialize exclusively in the manufacture and distribution of heavy-duty lubricants designed […]

Introducing a New Look for Our Coolant Product Portfolio!

D-A Lubricant is excited to announce the completion of our updated coolant product portfolio! New products have been added, and there are new gallon package sizes. Plus, you’ll notice all-new labels with D-A Lubricant branding in bold, vibrant colors! With the updated portfolio comes the realignment of part numbers. That means part numbers ARE changing. […]

Performance Proven: The Case for The Original Green Oil

In 2015, D-A Lubricant Company, Inc. acquired the Brad Penn Finished Lubes division — including the iconic PennGrade 1 High-Performance Oil — from ARG, the former Kendall refinery in Bradford, Pennsylvania. At the time of the purchase, the agreement between D-A Lubricant and ARG stated ARG would maintain the blending and packaging of the PennGrade […]

D-A Lube: Providing Service & Solutions

What better way to get an inside peek at how your engine is performing than to have the used engine oil analyzed? D-A Lubricant Company, Inc.’s Controlled Lubrication Service (CLS™ DataLink™) is an innovative part of the many services provided by D-A. CLS™ DataLink™ includes analysis of used oil from any equipment, component or compartment; web […]

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