Company delivering the highest-quality lubricants since 1919

D-A Lubricant Company is celebrating 100 years of dedication to offering the most complete and superior quality lubricants in the market today.

Operated in the U.S. for 100 years, D-A Lubricant is the first company ever to specialize exclusively in the manufacture and distribution of heavy-duty lubricants designed especially for heavy-duty equipment.

D-A Lubricant Company was incorporated in Washington, D.C. on January 7, 1919. When Frank Binford purchased the company in October 1919 and brought it to Indianapolis, he moved the company to W. 29th Street, by the Indianapolis Water Company Canal. Binford led the company to great success, growing by leaps and bounds, including an important partnership with Caterpillar Tractor Company.

In 1954, Frank Binford passed away, leaving the company and his role as president to his son, Thomas W. Binford, who helped establish a major relationship with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. During his tenure with D-A Lubricant, he helped increase the company more than five times in size.

In 2002, Mike Protogere purchased D-A Lubricant Company, taking over as owner and CEO. Under his leadership, the company has significantly improved productivity and expanded into new markets. With the increase in sales and profits came the need to relocate.

D-A Lubricant is now located in its current state-of-the-art headquarters in Lebanon, Ind., a 250,000-square-foot building with space for offices, blending, processing, packaging, a technical lab, rail loading and offloading and 14 dock doors. The company includes the brands of D-A, PennGrade® and PennGrade 1® Motor Oils.

“D-A Lubricant Company has a long history of quality, both in our products and our service, and our focus to remain ahead of the pack rather than simply keeping pace is paramount to success,” said D-A Lubricant Executive Vice President John Noal. “We want to maintain that level of relationship we have had with our customers since we began the company in 1919. We have been around 100 years, and we’ve survived and thrived because our customers trust our specialized products to fill their lubrication needs as equipment design has changed or improved.”

Looking toward the future, D-A has discussed adding another blending facility in another part of the country, most likely on the West Coast.

“As we grow, I see us expanding outside of Indiana,” Noal said. “From a production and office standpoint, we are very Lebanon-centric, and I see that evolving as we move forward to better serve our customers.”

D-A Lubricant is ISO 9001-2015 quality certified and offers a full array of greases, oils, hydraulic fluids, gear oils and specialty lubricants — remaining the top choice to extend fleet life and service hours. With extensive lab facilities and a highly-regarded research team, D-A boasts lubricant formulations that are always responsive to and ahead of the changing market.