Meet and exceed your agricultural vehicle manufacturers’ specifications for newer EGR engines. With D-A engine oils, extend the life of pre-EGR engines.

D-A transmission oils lubricate for optimum performance. Manual transmission oils designed and engineered for heavy-duty applications where anti-wear protection is required.

D-A greases designed specifically for the needs of agricultural equipment. Superior-performance products that reduce equipment ownership costs and extend component life.

Lubricants designed to meet the needs of gear trains and differentials requiring the use of an extreme pressure lubricant, including limited-slip type configurations.

Products to make agriculture equipment operate more efficiently and without performance drop-off. Designed for environmentally sensitive heavy-duty applications.

D-A antifreeze and coolant products offer superior coolant system protection by preventing scaling, foaming, and corrosion while at the same time offering excellent liner pitting protection.

Specialty products that enhance your agricultural equipment needs. D-A provides agricultural growth, efficiency and use of new science.

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