D-A’s high-quality engine oils support the performance requirements of your heavy-duty specifications. For your on-site construction projects, D-A offers the engine oil you need.

D-A has the right transmission lubricants for your construction job, including new synthetic blends for longer life. Take a look at our complete offering for transmission lubricants.

D-A Lubricant offers a wide range of high-performance greases including Titan Blue with proprietary Micro Technology.

D-A antifreeze and coolant products offer superior coolant system protection by preventing scaling, foaming, and corrosion, all with excellent liner pitting protection.

Chemically engineered to offer extended equipment life, reduce maintenance and energy costs, and improve operation efficiency.

Continue to function at maximum capacity. D-A has the right hydraulic fluids for your next construction project including new, eco-friendly synthetic blends for longer life.

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