D-A’s high-quality engine oils support the performance requirements of your heavy-duty specifications. Underground or above-ground, D-A offers the engine oil you need.

D-A has the right transmission lubricants for your mining job, including new synthetic blends for longer life. Take a look at our complete offering for transmission lubricants.

D-A offers a full line of superior-performance greases that support the OEM performance requirements, extending component life and reducing operation costs.

Our high-quality gear lubricants can be used to protect the large open gears underground or above-ground. D-A can help keep them running harder and longer.

Continue to function at maximum capacity. D-A has the right hydraulic fluids for your mining equipment including new, eco-friendly synthetic blends for longer life.

D-A’s antifreeze and coolant products offer superior coolant system protection. Minimize mining-related water pump seal leakage and get improved solder and aluminum protection.

Designed with specialized additives, D-A provides protection to industrial gear systems operating in extremely wet environments in mining and quarry conditions.

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