Gas Recovery

Sustainable, Reliable Solutions.

The standard of quality since 1919. Your gas recovery equipment needs strong protection. D-A Lubricant® Company’s high-quality products keep your components functioning. With our lubricants, your equipment will perform efficiently to maximize production, operate safely and work reliably. When working with D-A, get advanced technology and second-to-none support. With our full product portfolio of gas recovery lubricants, we deliver options designed to meet your specifications. It’s the ultimate protection for your investment.


D-A Lubricant’s full line of Blue Flame Hard Base Landfill Gas engine oils and lubricants can save you time and money. With our full product portfolio, you’ll see the difference with the longest possible drains, lowest add oil rates, and proven premium field performance. Reduce overall wear and deposit formation while improving valve land plug life. Choose D-A products for longer component life and lower operating costs. D-A offers the best alternative to positively impact your bottom line.


Performance Engineered lubricants at D-A have built an unquestionable reputation for the compressor industry. In-depth knowledge of compression applications for compressors, turbines, vacuum pumps and blowers. Our proprietary blends lend to the highest quality providing the best lubricants for any application. Our WearGuard line is formulated to withstand the most demanding of environments and deliver the expected performance required by the OEM’s and the end-user.


D-A Lubricant Company is proud to offer the Blue Flame Engine Oils for commercial and independently owned livestock farms incorporating anaerobic digestion technology for on-site cogeneration of heat and power. Our full line of lubricants is formulated and tailored specifically to service stationary internal combustion engines modified to run where influent gas (methane) is generated from anaerobic digestion of animal manure, compost, food waste, and or landfill residue.

Our products for the gas recovery industry are formulated and tailored specifically to service stationary internal engines. D-A provides the right options for maximizing engine service life.

D-A offers a wide selection of greases for gas recovery, landfills, digesters and compressors. D-A’s superior products help enhance equipment reliability and uptime.

D-A’s antifreeze and coolant products offer superior system protection. Maximize production, operate safely and work reliably. It’s the ultimate protection for your gas recovery needs.

Our gas recovery products include high-performance industrial lubricants designed with specific chemistry to effectively neutralize components generated by combustion.

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