For vehicles ranging from service vans to utility trucks and long-haul big rigs, D-A Lubricant Company’s transportation and fleet products exceed manufacturers’ specifications. We constantly evolve and improve formulations with innovative chemistry and help businesses run more efficiently and we have the data to prove it. Our team offers full-service support for on-highway-based vehicles through a variety of products. Learn more about our products below and call 1-800-645-5823 to chat with one of our team members! Don’t have time for a call? Click the button below to contact us!

D-A has a long list of high-quality engine oils that meet or exceed your over-the-road vehicle manufacturer’s specifications for newer EGR engines. Extend the life of pre-EGR engines on the road today.
D-A offers a full line of superior-performance products that support the OEM performance requirements, extend component life, and can reduce equipment ownership costs.
Longer protection by preventing scaling, foaming and corrosion, D-A products offer excellent liner pitting protection, maintenance cost reduction, and improved solder and aluminum protection.
Continue to function at maximum capacity. D-A has the right hydraulic fluids for your truck fleets and heavy loads including new, eco-friendly synthetic blends for longer life.


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See how Reliant™ Diesel Engine Oils can save you money and reduce downtown. Our fuel economy calculator will show you just how much money you can save. Check out our Fuel Economy Calculator here!

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Family Owned and American Made – This is the D-A Way! 

D-A Lubricant Company produces and delivers products that make heavy-duty equipment last longer. We are proud to be family owned, American made and trusted since 1919. Our qualified and dedicated professionals provide lubricant solutions specifically tailored to our customers’ needs – that’s the power behind the performance of our products. We are D-A!

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