The D-A Lubricant Company expertise provides customers with industry-leading lubricants. Working across all regions and sectors, we help businesses run more efficiently, no matter how big or small.

Plunger Packing Oil

Hydraulic Oil

Hydraulic Oil - Semi-Synthetic

Hydraulic Oil - Synthetic

Hydraulic - Tractor Fluid

Hydraulic Synthetic - Tractor

Hydraulic - Elevator Oil

Hydraulic Oil - Fire-Resistant

Hydraulic Oil - Multi-Viscosity

Turbine Oil

Gear Oil - Semi Synthetic

Gear Oil

Gear Oil - Synthetic

Penetrating Oil & General Purpose Lubricant

Chain & Cable Lubricant

Chain Saw - Bar & Chain Oil

Concrete Form Release Oil

Wire Rope Lube

Asphalt Release Oil

Rock Drill/Hammer Oil

Rock Drill/Hammer Oil Synthetic

Semi-Synthetic Rock Drill/Hammer Oil 

High-Performance Multipurpose Lubricant (NFS-H1) Food Grade

Lube Flush & Cleaning Oil

Lube Flush & Cleaning Oil

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