GearSyn RO™ Full Synthetic Gear Oil ISO 46

D-A GearSyn RO™ is a full synthetic, multipurpose rust and oxidation (R&O) inhibited industrial gear lubricant. GearSyn RO™ offers exceptional high temperature stability and excellent low temperature flow when lubricating industrial gear sets and bearings. D-A GearSyn RO™ rapidly separates from water while protecting metal surfaces from rust and corrosion. D-A GearSyn RO™ is extremely durable in severe service. This can result in an opportunity to reduce overall operating costs when compared to usage of mineral oil gear lubricants. Additionally, the D-A GearSyn RO™ formulation is optimized for use in positive displacement blowers, promoting maximum equipment life and minimizing wear. It is able to provide outstanding protection even in demanding operating conditions. D-A GearSyn RO™ can withstand blower discharge temperatures up to 250°F.

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ISO 46

Viscosity profiles meet the full requirements for protection and performance. Always consult your owner’s manual for proper oil viscosity and quality selection guidance.

Packaging Options

Available in a wide range of packaging including:

Part Number Packaging
14811 Bulk

Typical Applications

  • Moderately loaded industrial gears
  • Stationary and mobile equipment,antifriction and journal bearings
  • Enclosed gearboxes requiring R&O lubricants
  • Steel-on-steel and steel-on-bronze fittings
  • Circulating oil systems
  • Positive Displacement Blowers (ISO 68-220)

Supports the performance requirements of:

  • AGMA 9005-E02 (R & O)
  • AIST (US Steel) 120
  • Cincinnati Machine
  • DIN 51515-1 (ISO 68, 100)
  • DIN 51524, Parts 1 and 2 (ISO 68-150)

Industries Served:

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