Coupling Compound Grease, NL Pumpable

D-A Coupling Compound NL Pumpable is a non-lead containing anti-seize lubricant designed to provide maximum protection for drill stem couplings commonly found in many drilling operations. This product is formulated with high quality additives which impart the characteristics necessary for effective drill stem lubrication and anti-seize protection even in the most severe applications. D-A Coupling Compound NL also limits thread wear for extended equipment life. It is also recommended for water well drilling applications.

D-A Coupling Compound NL Pumpable offers appropriate pumpability for automatic lube applications.

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Packaging Options

Available in a wide range of packaging including:

Part Number Packaging
12228 35 Lb Plastic Pail

Typical Applications

All drilling applications using threaded pipe lubricants.

All threaded or un-threaded antiseize applications.

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