Duraplex 3 Lithium Grease #2

D-A DuraPlex™ 3 has been designed specifically for heavy-duty service where heavy loading and shock loads are commonplace. D-A DuraPlex 3 has been especially formulated for pin and bushing applications to provide maximum in-service retention. This unique formula creates a grease barrier to seal out water and dirt.

D-A DuraPlex 3 contains chemical extreme pressure additives and molybdenum disulfide in a carefully selected combination for maximum wear control and friction reduction. Additional additives provide protection against rust and corrosion while controlling oxidation at elevated temperatures. It not only provides excellent lubrication, but extends grease service intervals, thereby reducing machine downtime and lubrication costs.

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  • Packaging
  • Recommended Applications

Packaging Options

Available in a wide range of packaging including:

Part Number Packaging
12156 120 Lb Quarter Drum
12159 35 Lb Metal Pail
12152 400 Lb Drum
12157T 50 Tube Case

Typical Applications

  • Pin and Bushings
  • Hydraulic Linkage Pins
  • Pivot Pins
  • Crusher Bearings
  • Bucket Pins
  • Truck Kingpins
  • Scraper Goose Necks
  • Chassis Fittings
  • Trunnion Bearings
  • Slow Speed Ball and Roller Bearings
  • 5th Wheels

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