GearTec SFGO™

D-A GearTec SFGO™ (semi-fluid gear oil) is a premium quality multipurpose semi-fluid lubricant formulated for use in equipment where leakage and moisture are concerns. It’s highly refined base oils and specialized ultra-high quality thixotropic polymer helps maintain a working seal in various industrial gear box and bearing applications. It is particularly suited as an ‘all-season’ lubricant for agricultural corn head gear cases and leaking cutter head gear cases on continuous miners.



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Packaging Options

Available in a wide range of packaging including:

Part Number Packaging
13109LB 35 Lb Metal Pail

Typical Applications

D-A GearTec SFGO™ is the appropriate choice for corn head case / slow moving gear box and bearing lubrication. Always consult with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for appropriate lubricant viscosity and quality selection.


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