PresurFlo Dielectric™ Blue ISO 15

D-A PresurFlo Dielectric™ Blue, Amber & Gold hydraulic fluids are a premium quality, high viscosity index, anti-wear hydraulic oil with high dielectric strength (40 kV) for use in electrical service equipment, such as cherry pickers. D-A PresurFlo Dielectric™ Blue, Amber & Gold hydraulic fluids are designed for use in mobile hydraulic systems operating in environments subject to wide variations in ambient temperatures. D-A PresurFlo Dielectric™ Blue, Amber & Gold hydraulic fluids are formulated to have both a high viscosity index as well as a low pour point for use over a wider temperature range than conventional anti-wear hydraulic oils. D-A PresurFlo Dielectric™ Blue, Amber & Gold hydraulic fluids offer the same outstanding wear, foam, and rust and oxidation protection as D-A PresurFlo™, yet also offer superior flow properties and pumpability when used in mobile equipment operating in environments exposed to extreme temperature swings. The highly effective zinc dithiophosphate additive system provides excellent wear protection – ensuring long life for hydraulic pumps and motors.

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ISO 15

Viscosity profiles meet the full requirements for protection and performance. Always consult your owner’s manual for proper oil viscosity and quality selection guidance.

Packaging Options

Available in a wide range of packaging including:

Part Number Packaging
54961 Bulk
54962 55 Gallon Drum
54963 330 Gallon Tote

Typical Applications

The additive system satisfies the requirements for both high pressure industrial and mobile hydraulic systems which call for: Sundstrand, Vickers, and Racine, Denison HF-0 (Dielectric Amber, Gold), HF-1, and HF-2 (Dielectric Blue, Gold), Cincinnati Machine P-68 (Dielectric Amber), P-70 (Dielectric Gold), as well as Vickers M-2950-S and I-286-S. The Dielectric Amber exceeds the requirements of ISO 11158 HM specification. The Dielectric Blue supports the performance requirements for land-based hydraulic system MIL-H-5606 specification, but does not meet the aircraft hydraulic system MIL-PRF-5606-H specification.

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