D-A HTCF Oil™ (Heat Transfer Cleaning and Flushing Oil) is a specially formulated, acid-free product for annual or semi-annual cleaning and flushing of the heating core that cokes up causing inefficient operation of asphalt heating machinery. It possesses excellent natural temperature stability when subjected to the high temperatures encountered in most heater systems.

D-A HTCF Oil™ provides the required temperature stability and will completely clean and strip the built-up coke without damaging the heating element like some acid products can. Afterwards, the HTCF Oil™ flushed from the system can be used to fuel a gas heater, so there are no waste or EPA issues. After flushing the system, we recommend using D-A Heat Transfer Oil No. 300™ in the heater to minimize future problems with coking.

D-A HTCF Oil™ can also be used at a lower treat level and left in the oil circulation system.

After the system has been cleaned with HTCF Oil™, the drained product is non-hazardous, unlike acid products and can be burned in shop heaters.

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Packaging Options

Available in a wide range of packaging including:

Part Number Packaging
58011 Bulk
58012 55 Gallon Drum
58013 330 Gallon Tote

Typical Application

  • High temperature heat transfer systems.
  • Asphalt heaters.
  • Any system using mineral oil as a medium for storing and transferring heat where coking and tube build-up have caused problems.

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Industries Served:

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