WearGuard™ D-A SYN 7046

WearGuard™ D-A SYN 7000 Series is formulated with ChemGuard™ additive technology. Unlike many other rotary screw synthetic compressor oils, these lubricants have been developed from a unique blend of polyglycol and pentaerythritol esters, which together form an exceptional coolant and act to reduce oxidation and deposit formation. WearGuard™ D-A SYN 7000 Series offers excellent heat transfer properties, long life, high flash points, low evaporation, low volatility, and excellent hydrolytic stability, and will not form varnish deposits like petroleum or PAO oils.

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  • Viscosity
  • Packaging
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ISO 46

Viscosity profiles meet the full requirements for protection and performance. Always consult your owner’s manual for proper oil viscosity and quality selection guidance.

Packaging Options

Available in a wide range of packaging including:

Part Number Packaging
IP73222 55 Gallon Drum
IP73228 5 Gallon Plastic Pail

Typical Applications

  • Rotary Screw
  • Reciprocating
  • Rotary Vane

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Industries Served:

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