TorGuard™ FS SAE 30

D-A TorGuard FS™ is designed to meet the lubrication needs of heavy-duty automatic and powershift transmissions requiring Caterpillar TO-4 or Allison C-4 fluids. D-A TorGuard FS™ is a full synthetic, PAO based fluid intended to provide excellent flow characteristics at low temperatures, while also providing superior film strength for transmission protection at elevated temperatures. It is designed for outstanding friction control characteristics to minimize clutch slippage thus allowing complete power transfer for maximum equipment efficiency.

D-A TorGuard FS™ is fully compatible with fluoroelastomer friction material. This product is formulated with quality synthetic base oils and carefully selected additives resulting in a product which will provide maximum anti-wear protection and prevent glazing on friction surfaces. Special inhibitors are also present which limit oil oxidation even at high operating temperatures. Additionally, its fluid flow properties and elastomer seal compatibility make it an ideal hydraulic system lubricant when transmission fluid or engine oil products are recommended.

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  • Viscosity
  • Packaging
  • Recommended Applications

SAE 30

Viscosity profiles meet the full requirements for protection and performance. Always consult your owner’s manual for proper oil viscosity and quality selection guidance.

Packaging Options

Available in a wide range of packaging including:

Part Number Packaging
54141 Bulk
54142 55 Gallon Drum
54143 330 Gallon Tote

Typical Applications

Transmissions/Torque Converters/Final Drives

  • Caterpillar Powershifts, TO-2 and TO-4
  • Caterpillar Drive Trains, TO-2 and TO-4
  • Allison Automatics
  • Allison Powershifts
  • Sundstrand Hydrostatics

Rotary Air Compressors

  • Vane
  • Screw

Hydraulic Systems and Pumps

  • Vane
  • Axial Piston
  • Gear
  • Caterpillar, where engine oil is recommended for hydraulic systems

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Industries Served:

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