CLS Datalink Oil Analysis Program

What better way to get an inside peek at how your engine is performing than to have the used engine oil analyzed? D-A Lubricant Company, Inc.’s Controlled Lubrication Service (CLS™ DataLink™) is an innovative part of the many services provided by D-A.

D-A Lubricant Company is on the leading edge of big data management with its Controlled Lubrication Services DataLink program. Send in used oil samples and within 48 hours you’ll receive complete lab results, including trend data that can be used to extend service intervals and plan preventive maintenance

The CLS DataLink online dashboard allows 24/7/365 access to reports. Testing will measure the presence of wear metals, dirt, coolant contamination, fuel dilution, viscosity, TBN, oxidation and nitration and Total Acid Number (TAN).

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Your Estimated Saving

How much of your maintenance budget are you willing to waste on repairs and lost pieces of equipment? Half of it? All of it?

When you receive a severity 3 or 4 on your fluid analysis report, you are automatically prompted with an “Open Action” in HORIZON®. This is the laboratory telling you there’s a high-risk piece of equipment that needs your attention. Filling out the Open Action lets you submit your feedback, comments and estimated savings to the laboratory and to keep in your HORIZON records, too.

This creates a feedback loop between your equipment’s’ fluid analysis results and your maintenance program. What’s more, it opens the door to optimal predictive maintenance.

Want more convincing? Learn how one logistics company was able to realize a 37:1 ROI and save more than $1 million in just three months after starting their oil analysis program with us.

See the Proof

Go paperless, learn more about submitting your samples online!

See Your Savings in Real Time.

Provide a Solid ROI to Leadership.

Cut Your Maintenance Spending.

Save time by submitting your sample information (type of fluid, equipment, component, etc.) online via your HORIZON account. Then, mail your sample to our laboratory – when we receive it, all the sample information is already in our system – saving us processing time and putting your sample at the front of the queue.

Learn more about submitting your sample online

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